Technology Consulting

Do you build or buy? Do you use existing platforms or start from scratch? Do you opt for bought components or a custom-designed solution? When it comes to your company's IT strategy, the choices are bewildering. That's where Venitesoft Technologies's understanding of technology gives you the edge. Our consultants have helped some of the world's leading companies by delivering innovative IT-enabled solutions tailored to their strategic and business needs.

We offer a comprehensive set of consulting services to enable organizations to adopt the Open Source technologies/products. Services range from Suitability/Fitment Analysis, Business Case development, TCO/ROI analysis, Technologies/products evaluation, Solution Architecture to Implementation roadmap.

We help you:

  • Build a business case open source suitability analysis, TCO/ROI analysis
  • Evaluate product/technology to achieve this
  • Draw out the architecture and model framework
  • Evolve implementation roadmap/migration plan along with critical success factors
  • Build proof of concept/pilot